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Employee Benefit Trends in India – challenges and opportunities

Naveen Midha discusses employee benefits in India at a time of change. He begins by highlighting developments in the health-care market, both publicly and privately provided, before assessing the employer's role and focus in this area. He updates readers on the Fringe Benefit Tax and on how the insurance industry is innovating.



Latin America – privatized pension funds in Mexico compared with elsewhere

Tapen Sinha explores the progress of privatized pension funds in Latin America, comparing those in Mexico with the rest of the region, excluding Brazil. He finds that, from the evidence of Bolivia, individual accounts in themselves do not provide the macro-economic advantages hoped for, particularly where there is a need to formalize the labour market. Moreover, in developing countries, the introduction of individual accounts can place a strain on the capital markets.



The Future of Multinational Pooling

The future of multinational pooling is explored by Adeolu Adewumi, who looks back to the early days of pooling and considers recent developments before contemplating the direction the insurance networks are likely to take in meeting the challenges of the next decade. Her analysis is positive as to the advantages that pooling will continue to bring.


Wellness Programs: What Can Be Learned from US Company Experience

US companies have been operating wellness programmes for many years now and therefore have a strong body of experience. Howard Bolnick considers the research undertaken as well as the experience in order to bring readers a clear picture of the value of these programmes. He describes worksite wellness programmes as 'work in progress', believing that they are moving in the right direction but could benefit from improvements in design.